Guide On How To Make Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains add a touch of elegance and comfort to your spaces with their timeless look and unique manufacturing approach. The superstores are filled with a number of fabric and style choices for these drapes. These drapes will be an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition to your spaces.

Rather than buying sheer curtains, you can easily make sheer curtains with a DIY approach. If you are looking for an expert guide to making sheer drapes, we’ve got you. In this guide, we have listed the steps to make sheer window curtains.

Step By Step Guide To Sew Sheer Curtains

Step By Step Guide To Sew Sheer Curtains

Sewing sheer drapes on your own allow you to tailor them as per your decor style and requirements. Ensure having the following tools and materials at hand.

Grab All The Needed Tools And Materials

  • Sheer fabric
  • Matching Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil or Paper
  • Rolled Hem Pressor
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors, Ruler
  • Chalk
  • Pattern Paper
  • Sewing Machine
  • Needle (optional)

1. Measure the Windows

Measure the Windows

Before the purchase of sheers, it is necessary to take measurements of the windows to get an idea about the amount of sheer fabric you will need. Use measuring tape to take accurate measurements and note the length and width of the window on a piece of paper.

2. Decide the Curtain’s Length and Width

Decide the Curtain’s Length and Width

Choose the length of the curtains according to the style or look you want to achieve. The length can be kept from the window sill to the floor or in between the floor and the window sill. While measuring for width, extend it up to 2-4 inches for full window coverage.

3. Measure Curtains Rod Length

Measure Curtains Rod Length

The length of the curtain rod must be ideal for curtains. For simple sheers without layers, you will need the rod 2 inches longer than the window’s width. While for multiple panels and layered looks, the length of the rod must be increased accordingly.

4. Purchase Fabric Material and Thread

Purchase Fabric Material and Thread

For the perfect seam and finishing, the width and length of the curtains can be extended according to the requirements. Take the paper along to know the exact length and width of the fabric when purchasing.

After deciding on the sheer vs blackout fabric type, buy the fabric in yards. There can be two width options for the fabric like 45 or 60 inches. This is a matter of requirement to pick the length and width of the raw fabric.

5. Measure and Cut Each Panel

Measure and Cut Each Panel

Bring fabric home and lay it over a wide table and clean surface. Measure each panel and cut it to the size. As sheer is a lightweight fabric with a thin weave, it can be difficult to handle it while cutting. You can place a book on either side of the fabric to ensure smooth cutting. Use sharp scissors to cut down the fabric.

6. Sew The Side Seams

Sew The Side Seams

Sew the curtain’s side seams down to the length of each side of the curtain panels. To get this, fold the fabric over ⅛ inches and press it with an iron. Fold the remaining inches, press it, and then stitch to make the side seam on each side of the curtain panel.

7. Hem The Bottom

Hem The Bottom

The bottom of each sheer panel also needs to be folded. You can fold about 2 inches of the fabric and press and stitch the seam for hemming. You will need to leave the space for the curtain rod. Leave about 1 inch for the top sleeve and seam allowance.

8. Make Sleeve For Curtains

Make Sleeve For Curtains

Next comes the process of making a sleeve for the curtain rod. To create a sleeve for the curtain rod on each panel, fold the fabric from the top edge. Use pins along the edge while matching the measurements. To ensure there’s no mistake in folding, use a ruler and mark the dots with colored chalk. Press and sew the curtain sleeve seam with the sewing machine.

9. Press To Remove Wrinkles and Hang

Press To Remove Wrinkles and Hang

For the embellishment of your sheer drapes, you can sew some pom pom trims along the sides and bottom of the curtains. Last but not least, iron the fabric to remove any wrinkles from the surface. Keep the iron heat low so it won’t damage the fabric. Insert the curtain rod into the sleeve at the curtain top and hang your sheer curtains. Treat yourself to an amazing job!

Final Note

Making simple sheer window curtains is not an arduous or impossible task to do. By gathering the needed tools and materials, you can easy make DIY curtains. After taking measurements of the intended windows, purchase the sheer fabric and matching thread accordingly.

Measure and cut each panel, hem and sew the sides or bottom, make sleeves, and iron to remove wrinkles. Here you are done with making your sheer window curtains. You can decide on any style to make these curtains and sew them accordingly with our expert guide.

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