Window Curtains Step-by-Step Installation and Styling Guide

Curtains are the essential elements to spruce up the decor of your bedrooms and living rooms. With the right curtain set, you can accessorize your windows to make them appear more appealing and elegant. Drapes and curtains provide you with the privacy you need and help block light as well.

Installing curtains on the windows doesn’t involve a lot of skills but it can be somewhat tricky for beginners. You can achieve a fine and presentable look of the room windows by installing curtains with the help of our expert guide. With accurate measurements and the right hanging technique, you can make the most out of your window treatments. And for assistance with the curtain installation and style, you can rely on our detailed guide.

Instructions & Tips For The DIY Curtain Installation

After you purchase curtains Dubai online for windows along with suitable hardware, the next step is to grab the requisite tools to ensure a smooth process. The list of the required tools is given below.

Gather Tools & Materials

  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Pencil & Paper
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver & Drill Machine
  • Safety Gloves & mask
  • Wall anchors & Stud finder (optional)
  • Curtain rod with brackets

1. Calculate the Right Measurements To Hang Curtains

 Calculate the Right Measurements To Hang Curtains

Before you start, make sure that the curtain rod you buy is wider than the window width for full coverage. To measure the length and width of windows, you can use a tape measure and note down the window measurements on paper. The curtains should be at least 2-4 inches wide on both sides.

For length, you can decide whether the curtains will touch the floor or the window sill. You can customize both the length and width of curtains according to your needs.

2. Mark the Bracket Locations

Mark the Bracket Locations Window Curtain

Just according to the measurements you took before, determine the right length and height for your brackets. You might need to adjust the markings later on the wall, so make sure to use a pencil instead of a pen for the indication of the bracket spot. While marking dots with a pencil, hold the brackets up to the wall to get an accurate idea of where the screws will go.

To make sure your measurements are leveled, use a level and tape measure to mark the straight lines. Brackets and screws often come with curtains and if not, you can buy them from any nearby store.

3. Drill The Pilot Holes

Drill The Pilot Holes Window Curtain

Pre-drilling is necessary to screw in the brackets. Use the drill machine to make holes in the marked areas. Don’t forget to wear a mask and safety goggles while using the drill machine. Make sure you know its usage and handle it or let anyone else drill holes to ensure your safety.

Make tiny holes to ensure that the screws fit snugly. However, you can enlarge the hole later if the screws don’t fit in. The hole size must be identical to the screw’s body on both sides.

4. Install Wall Anchors & Screw In Brackets

Install Wall Anchors & Screw In Brackets

Wall anchors are not needed if wall studs are already there next to the drilled areas. In this case, you can directly screw in the brackets. To find the wall studs, a finder device can be used that will detect if there’s a stud. Place the wall anchor against the hole and tap it with a hammer or any heavy object until it is secured.

You can purchase the additional wall anchors as per the requirement and one anchor will be needed per bracket. These wall anchors will keep the screws and support them to bear the rod weight. After securing the wall anchors, install the brackets into the pre-drilled holes. Use heavy-duty brackets that can support the curtain rod.

5. Add Your Curtains

Add Your Curtains

You can check whether brackets can hold the rod well by installing the curtain rod. Once you are certain, remove it to attach the curtains to it. Clean the rod and put your curtains over it. Most rods have stoppers or finials that don’t let the curtains slide to the side.

Curtains can be attached to the rod with rings or you can thread them directly through the rod. Put the curtain rod back in its place and here you are done with the installation of the curtains.

6. Curtains Styling

Curtains Styling

Curtain styling makes a direct impact on the visual appeal of a place. To add instant interest in your interiors, you can hang curtains with extended lengths that are either touching, floating, or puddling over the floors.

Besides, you can use multiple drapes to enhance the beauty and comfort of a space. Curtain holders and tie-backs can also be used to allow the light to enter a space. The style of windows is greatly influenced by combining various materials, utilizing contrasting or neutral colors, and experimenting with patterns and textures of curtains.


Styling your windows with curtains comes with a lot of fun and aesthetic satisfaction. You can style them in many ways on the windows such as by using various fabrics, multiple colors, and by ensuring perfect measurements. For hanging curtains, you must have the mandatory tools and supplies at hand. Do the installation procedures with great care, such as measuring the appropriate length of the windows and marking the bracket placement.

Carefully drill the brackets and install the curtain rod and balance the curtains over the rod. With the correct equipment and some basic expertise, you can easily install curtains by yourself with these simple instructions.

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