How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Curtains? | 4 Useful Tips 2023

Curtains are for sure the unsung (or the praised ones maybe, if you’re considerate enough!) heroes of every space’s decor. They feature the amazing tendency to literally “bind” the entire decor scenario and to give off more of a put together and presentable appearance of a room. They indeed are the must-haves of a decorative theme and thus deserve major honor foremostly in the first place. This “respect” does ask to be followed by a lot of care, as well.


However, despite all the careful attitude, our cute and dazzling protagonist drapes can still tend to begin looking dull in a number of ways. Apart from the major issues such as color fading, rupturing, losing the suppleness of the texture, and others. There are certain not-so-crucial or what you can call minor curtain concerns as well. Nevertheless, these so-called minor problems can eventually end up being a massive mess!

This quite common drawback or destiny to be more real is none other than the crumpling of curtains, which ultimately results in the appearance of several uncountable nasty-looking wrinkles on the curtain’s surface.

Now, this very situation does and is meant to give rise to the frequently asked question that is “How to get wrinkles out of curtains?”. This is, by all means, a highly-experienced issue as well as an extensive debate to go!

Ways To Follow On “How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Curtains?”

Prior to this discussion, It’s always best to consider careful handling as the foremost way of avoiding any sort of curtain dysfunction. This is indeed a pretty obvious yet much-ignored fact that later on becomes the root cause of curtain crumpling and wrinkling. These mishandlings can include intentional scrumplings and rucklings, accidental ones, curtain’s contact with water or moisture, curtain’s entangling in the furniture or any other surrounding object, and many other such scenarios.

However, since most of the things around us are damage-prone within one or two (or more!) ways and curtains aren’t surely an exception. Even after watchful handling, they still can get wrinkled and begin to look bad in no time. Well, no worries in that case too.

Ahead are some of the useful ways which you can consider when finding solutions about “How to get wrinkles out of curtains?”. You are gonna have a lot of fun!

1. An Ideal Ironing Will Do The Job For You! 

For sure, the most common, widely used, and certainly, the easiest-carry-out method of getting your curtains absolutely wrinkle-free is to iron them. Now, still, there are a few things to look for and a few precautions that you must consider while ironing your curtains. The first one of which is the adequate heat (thermostat) setting.

Curtains Dubai as we all know feature a delicate fabrication in most cases, such as cotton, linen, sheer. silk or velvet. These fabric materials might seem plush, pleasant, and bonzer to look at. But at the same time, they do require careful and watchful ironing as well. Most importantly the one which is carried out at a suitable temperature setting.

For most irons nowadays, there are certain built-in settings and modes available for different kinds of fabric, based on their resistance and sensitivity extent. And definitely, it’s the best idea to follow those settings in accordance with your curtain’s fabric type.

Over and above, it’s most important to carry out keenly watchful ironing which includes not letting the iron overheat or stay too long atop the Upholstery fabrics. All you need to do is a mild pressing which results to get wrinkles out of curtains and certainly not a bit of pressure application more than that!

2. Make Use Of That Fabulous Fabric Steamer

Using a fabric steamer might seem to be a much-privileged option of cleaning, however, it isn’t actually that fancy gadget to own or spend over. In fact, it is quite a smart appliance that will effortlessly make you get wrinkles out of curtains. It’s by all means, a delightfully easy process to carry out and you’re gonna be greatly pleased by the resultant appearance of your curtains.

Using a fabric steamer won’t even require you to remove your curtains and you can easily carry out their treatment while they’re still hung. All you need to do is fill up your fabric steamer with water and wait for it to get adequately heated up. Afterward, you’ll have to “steam” your curtains by creating a close (be careful to NOT HAVE this closeness excessively, or you’ll end up losing your dazzling drapes!) contact between the curtains and of course the steamer. Make it perfectly sure that there is a certain distance between your steamer and your curtains, specifically if they’ve got a delicate fabrication such as sheer, silk, or velvet.

Work your way by moving the steamer from top to bottom over the curtains. And within a few moments and with a few proper “movements” (or strokes) you’ll manage to get wrinkles out of curtains thoroughlyRepeat the procedure if you feel the need to. Well, in that case, it’s best that you steam your curtain’s fabric from the flip side (the inner one!) as well, but don’t forget about the precaution!

3. Wash it Well and Dry it dandy!

Making your curtains go through a mild machine washing will be your effortless way to get wrinkles out of curtains. However, when it comes to considering a machine wash for your curtains, there’s one thing you must take appropriate care of. And that is being super easy during the entire process. Don’t make use of too harsh detergents or cleaning agents and don’t go crazy with the washing cycles. Always remember that short and gentle cycles are the best if you want your curtain’s beauty and suppleness to sustain.

Also, you can consider the usage of such a detergent that’s specific for your curtain’s fabric type and thus there won’t be single damage to your curtain(s) in any way. Followed by the washing, take your curtains out of the washing machine (that’s pretty obvious, right!) and place them in the dryer.

Make sure you go for the “cool” or “permanent press cycle” settings on your dryer as these will get the job done without any possible damage to the curtains.

Pro Tip: Put a few small towels in the dryer along with the curtains. This will perfectly prevent any crumpling of the fabric and will get wrinkles out of curtains in the perfect way!

4. The Smart Satisfaction!

This is the idea to follow for when you don’t wanna indulge in any of the time-consuming cleaning procedures, curtain removing, washing, and all. There are a number of genius ways you can “de-wrinkle” your curtains without a literal washing. The first one to go for is putting your curtains in the dryer machine without really washing them before. This can be done by placing one or two damp (or wet if you aren’t satisfied with the dampness!) towels along with the curtains. Afterward, you’ll need to run the dryer over a “cool” setting.

The moisture present within the towel(s) will work as an alternative to the washing and will get wrinkles out of curtains. In addition to this, you can also spend on some good “wrinkle-releasing products” that do work wonders. All you need to do is spray the product over your desired curtains and Voila, they’ll be totally crumple-free in absolutely no time!

Over and above, if you don’t wanna spend over such a product, no worries then also! You can literally achieve similar results by merely spraying ‘water’ over your curtains through a spraying bottle and letting them air dry for a while. This will work in the same way and your curtains will soon be perfectly sleek, and that too, without much effort or expenses!

That was our time folks! Hoping for these tips to be useful for you!