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Affordable Blinds Brackets in Dubai

Blinds Brackets in Dubai – In this article, we are going to have an in-depth look at our blinds window brackets, how you can install them, and hopefully answer every question you have on them. So to start with it’s important to know that there are different sizes of brackets depending on the size and weight of your roller blind. As standard, we supply roller blinds under 1.8m wide (180cm) on a 32mm diameter aluminum tube.

Once you start to go over this the tube increases in size and the brackets increase in size to support the added weight. On any roller blind over 180cm, the roller blinds Dubai tube is 40mm in diameter and the brackets are slightly larger to accommodate. We even have a 45mm diameter aluminum tube but that’s only used on blinds over 3m in width and over a certain drop, but we won’t go into that here.“All of our brackets are multi-directional”

Standard Size Of Blinds Brackets in Dubai

As standard, most blinds brackets in Dubai will come with a 32mm aluminum tube. The brackets that go with this size look like below. Their dimensions are as follows:

  • Length – 56mm
  • Width at the top– 47mm
  • The width on the length of the bracket – 37mm
  • Depth – 20mm

The beauty of these brackets is that they are identical on each end so there’s no issue about getting them around the wrong way – unless you install them back to front. The holes on the flat part at the top of the Blinds brackets in Dubai are the standard place to screw through and into the top of your window recess, or onto the face of your wall. Looking at the side profile of the brackets you can see at the top they come down flat before kinking inwards a little.

This flat section is where you would screw through and into the side of your window recess. The kink gives the brackets room to move so you can clip your roller blind in place. If you’re looking for assistance with choosing the correct type of screw for your roller blind we have a great guide ‘How to choose the right screws for your blind’. If you’re ready to start installing your blinds we have our guide for you to follow: ‘How to install Roller blinds’.

40mm Tube Blinds Brackets in Dubai

With our larger blinds, extra strength is required in our brackets to support a larger tube and mechanism, along with the greater weight of the material. These brackets have the following dimensions:

  • Length – 67mm
  • Width at the top– 73mm
  • The width on the length of the bracket – 50mm
  • Depth – 23mm

So with these dimensions, you can see just how much larger the brackets are. These Blinds brackets are not identical so it’s important you make sure you work out which bracket goes where before you start to install them. To be clear, the end with the big plus cut out on it goes on the end where your control chain is.

The bracket with the hole goes on the end of your blind with the control pin (the bit that sticks out and can be pressed in). When installing we find it easier to put the pin end in first and then slide the control chain side in, but that’s our preference – there’s no right or wrong way! With blinds brackets in Dubai, you can still install them into the top of the window recess, into the side, or onto the face of the wall. Just be sure to use large enough screws and create a strong base for them to be screwed into. If you need to use plugs first then please do to ensure your blinds stay in place.

As always if you need any help or assistance please just get in touch, either by phone on 0506379229 or on our live chat system. We are happy to answer any and all questions about our blinds, so don’t hold back!

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