Window Curtains Styles | A Comprehensive Guide For Your Home Decor

Curtains are a great way to add a touch of style and improve the functionality of a space. With an array of choices available for curtains, you can easily pick designs, styles, and fabrics that suit your budget and preferred style. The selection of the fabric is the most overwhelming thing to do because of the versatility of options. Besides fabrics, the thing that makes the major impact on the overall appearance of a place is the curtain heading styles.

Plenty of styling choices are there that enhance or beautify the look of window curtains. In this brief guide, you will learn about different unique and stylish curtain heading styles that will make your windows look admirable.

Unique Curtains Styling & Hanging Ways To Enhance Home Decor

Curtains, when used as a decorative accessory, can make the space stand out with their visual appeal. Fabric heading styles majorly decide the final look of curtains. You can get the idea from this guide and choose best curtains based on the structure of the pleats.

1. Single Or Pair Panel Curtains

Single Or Pair Panel Curtains

Single-panel curtains are the most widely used style to cover the windows. These curtains create a modern and chic look in the interiors and this style works for almost every type of fabric. These curtains are designed to cover the entire window. The fabric of these curtains can be pulled to one side of the window when you open them.

While in pair-panel curtains, you can slide the curtains on both sides to allow the light to enter a space. These curtains can be closed by pulling both panels in the middle of the window. To properly open them, you can use the tie-backs for each panel that will hold them.

2. Pinch Or Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pinch Or Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat is a highly appealing and decorative heading for curtains that looks perfect on the wide and/or oversized windows of both homes and offices. In a pinch pleat heading, the fabric piece is pleated and stacked, and stitched together while making a bunch at the top. These uniquely stitched pleats look perfect in both residential and formal settings.

The other one in this list is a pencil pleat in which fabric is folded tightly in a semi-cylindrical way that features a look which resembles the line of pencils. The close pleats of the header tumble down freely and give off a unified look. This heading style looks perfect with the mounted ceiling in a home.

3. Box & Goblet Pleat Curtains

Box & Goblet Pleat Curtains

Box pleat curtains form deep and uninterrupted folds that fall down across the entire length of the curtains. These curtains give full window coverage and a tailored appearance to the windows. These curtains are best suited for dining rooms, formal places, lounges, and bedrooms.

Goblet curtains, as the name says, resemble the wine glass or goblet. These curtains have the sleekest appearance and they look perfect in formal places and in the bedrooms. Goblet pleat curtains have a delicate structure of pleats in which the fabric forms the goblet just below the top.

4. Grommet Or Rod Pocket Curtains

Grommet Or Rod Pocket Curtains

Eyelet or grommet curtains are the most contemporary way to style your windows. In this heading style, the open rings support the panel and allow you to open and close the curtains easily. These curtains are ideal to be installed in bedrooms and dining rooms.

Rod pocket, which is also called pole pocket, is the type of heading style that works well with lightweight fabrics. Although, they are more casual in style and fit best with thin and tight-fit curtain rods. It is suggested to install these curtains in the rooms in which windows aren’t open or closed frequently.

5. Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtains

One of the best casual heading styles for curtains is the tab top. These curtains have prominent loops that are beautifully hung from the top seam of the panels. Tab top curtains are extremely easy to mount on the curtain rods. The best installation places for these curtains are cottages and farmhouses.

It is better to use lightweight fabrics for these curtains so that the movement becomes easy. It might be difficult to move the loops of heavier drapes like velvet over the curtain rod.

6. Tie Top Curtains

Tie Top Curtains

Tie-top style is the finest way to hang your curtains in which fabric is hung below the curtain rod. The ties of these curtains are present at the top to hang them perfectly over the rod. There is a space between the curtain fabric and rod through which the wall behind the curtains can be seen.

The best fabrics to use in this heading style are lace, sheer, or cotton. Due to their unique and delicate structures, it is better to not use them in kid’s bedrooms or homes with pets. The tie-top curtains can also be used as cafe curtains or you can install them in the study rooms or libraries.


In addition to serving a practical purpose, window treatments are the finest way to enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. Curtains are the final decorative layer in a space that has the power to improve the surroundings. You can select from a variety of curtain kinds and hanging options to dress up your windows.

Sheer, silk, velvet, blackout, cotton, and linen are popular choices for curtain textiles. You can pick from single or double panels as well as pinch, box, goblet, pencil, grommet, and rod pocket curtains when it comes to the hanging techniques for these drapes. One of the most modern curtain styles is tab-top and tie-top.

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