What Can You Use Behind Or Along With Sheer Curtains For Privacy?

Sheer curtains are delicate, lightweight, and soft-textured drapes that uniquely dress up home windows. These curtains are the best option to go for when it comes to creating minimal yet attractive decor of a space. Although sheers are elegant and contemporary looking, whe you aim for privacy, they may not provide well for this concern.

In this case, adding something behind your sheer curtains to get coverage is a great idea. Let us tell you what you can put behind your sheers for privacy purposes.

Best Options To Pair With Your Sheer Curtains For Privacy Protection

Here are some best options that you can use to make your sheers capable of privacy maintenance.

1. Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds

For a well-defined look and to make your curtains more functional, one of the best ways is to install blackout roller blinds next to them on your windows. Roller blackout blinds give you complete control over privacy. The tight weave of these blinds doesn’t let a single beam of light enter the space.

After the installation of roller blinds, no one can peek inside your room and you can enjoy the desired privacy. It is the perfect combination that gives the utmost light control along with privacy.

2. Blackout Lining Or Fabric

Blackout Lining Or Fabric

Various lining fabrics can be attached to the back of sheers to get the needed privacy. With liners, the amount of light entering a room can be easily controlled. Any passerby or neighbors cannot peek inside your room after the attachment of the backing material to these curtains.

The thickness and opacity can vary with different fabrics. You can either sew or attach the liner with pins behind these curtains. It’s the easiest and most budget-friendly way to have privacy in your spaces.

3. Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

Pairing up sheers with blackout is the perfect option to style your drapes and is also one of the best window treatment combos. Hanging these transparent and opaque curtains together will create the perfect balance between light and privacy. These curtains have thick blackout lining attached at their back.

With thick and insulated backing, you can also achieve insulation in addition to privacy. These curtains will restrict outsiders from peeking inside.

4. Layer Up Different Drapes

Layer Up Different Drapes

Thick or heavy drapes are also an effective option to utilize to get the needed privacy in space. You can use heavier drapes with dense fabric material to not let the rays of sunlight enter your space.

Curtains with blackout properties can be installed along with sheers and the arrangement can be further adjusted according to the requirements. There is a wide selection of curtains with room-darkening characteristics that may be stacked with sheers for further seclusion.

5. Use Double Brackets Or Curtain Rods

Use Double Brackets Or Curtain Rods

One of the easiest and most effective options for privacy enhancing purposes is installing double brackets and rods. With this approach, you can hang multiple drapes on windows. Sheer curtains can be paired with the semi-sheers without overburdening the windows.

Semi-sheers are less-translucent and have a denser weave than simple sheers, which is why they can provide privacy. Besides, you can hang other thick fabric curtains on one rod and sheers on the other one to get the desired level of privacy.

6. Install Tint Film On Windows

Install Tint Film On Windows

Installing tint on the windows will also give you a safer, more private life and it can be used to darken out the room, as well.

These window tint films come in different types and styles such as matte or blackout. You can achieve the best level of privacy by installing them on your windows.

7. Use Cardboards On Room Windows

Cardboards are the easiest idea to add privacy to your rooms and they can be conveniently cut to the size of your room windows. Attach the cardboard with the help of good-quality tape or adhesive. The cardboard is effective for getting privacy, blocking light, and restricting the intruder’s eyes.

You can put that behind your elegant sheers and get the needed privacy. Cardboards won’t cost you much yet do the best for you by providing a more private room.


Sheer curtains are transparent window treatments through which you can see easily. They don’t block the light completely so in order to get the needed privacy, you can attach the blackout lining behind these curtains. Aside from that, layering sheers with blackouts, installing tint film, and using cardboard can also help you optimize the privacy in space. Using blackout roller blinds can also be effective in achieving the desired level of privacy in a place.

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