A Resourceful Guide to Window Curtains | Ideas, Tips, and Inspiration

Dressing up your windows is a great way to truly transform the space and give it a perfect finishing touch. Curtains give a complete look to your space while adding comfort to it. When it comes to window treatments, the market is filled with choices offering a range of design possibilities with an array of patterns and texture options.

To give a complete and well-balanced look to your rooms through curtains, a couple of factors are essential to consider. Besides curtain rods, tiebacks, and many other elements are crucial to take into account before purchasing window treatments. We have rounded up the essential details for the curtain selection in this guide to help you choose the best for your home improvement.

Inspirational Tips For The Selection & Styling Of Window Curtains

Curtains are the best decor elements to accessorize and enhance the look of windows. But picking out the right set of curtains to adorn the different rooms of your home is surely a daunting yet tempting task to do. We are here to help you with the best interior upgrade of your home with some exciting tips and ideas.

1. Pick the Right Fabric For Curtains

Curtains come with a huge assortment of fabrics that are crafted for unique purposes. To choose the right textile material for curtains, you must consider your practical needs in a particular space. Fabric for window drapes can be lightweight or heavyweight, and dense, opaque or transparent.

Aside from that, consider the mood, interior design, and type of the space, such as whether it is formal or casual. You can choose from Velvet, cotton, linen, polyester, Voile, silk, lace, brocade. sheer, blackout and various other fabrics. The expert advice for choosing fabrics is to pick ones that can be machine or hand washed, are not prone to moisture damage, and are easy to maintain.

2. Consider Texture, Color, Pattern, & Print

Consider Texture, Color, Pattern, & Print

Besides fabric type, the thing that can set the tone and aesthetics of a place is curtain color and pattern, and texture. When buying curtains online, consider those color that will fulfill the lighting needs of your space. To make a space look vibrant, choose a dark color with thick fabric, while to brighten up the decor, pick neutral or light color tones for the curtains.

Aside from colors, curtain fabric textures are also equally diverse and you can either choose plains, or tactile ones. If we talk about prints, there is a never-ending range of patterns and prints for curtains to explore, including floral, zig-zag, geometric, and checkered ones. Curtains with awe-inspiring textures, shades, and patterns add a splash of color and improve the interior style.

3. Curtains Ideal Length & Width

Curtains Ideal Length & Width

The length and width of the curtains have to do a lot with the feel and impression of a space. Although, the selection of curtains’ width and length depends on the window dimensions and interior design or space requirements, yet going for floor-length and high-mounted curtains will make the space appear larger than it is.

Measure the curtain’s length and width accurately and extend about 3-4 inches from both sides. The length of the curtains contributes to the styling of the window. By deciding on the suitable curtain length, you can enhance the appeal of a place. Curtains can either touch, float, or puddle over the floors for interior styling.

4. Heading Styles For Curtains

Heading Styles For Curtains

The hem of the curtains defines their look and it should be sleek and attractive. It also makes a difference in the curtain functionality by allowing the panel to slide easily. Using curtains with hooks is the traditional heading style in which the rings are attached to the top of the hem.

Other than this, rod pocket, pinch pleat, and simple pleated are the most common heading styles for curtains. The tab top heading gives off a unique look and also makes it easy to slide the curtains on the rod.

5. Curtain Rods & Tiebacks

Curtain Rods & Tiebacks

To give an alluring look to your rooms, there are multiple rod styles available for curtains. Presentable curtain rods allow you to cherish an easy curtain functionality. Rods for curtains are available in a range of materials. You can match the rod color with your drape’s style and color for a unified look.

Adding tiebacks is another simple way to boost the look of curtains. You can use strings and tiebacks to tie the curtains to the side when you want to enjoy the natural light. You can also make DIY curtain tie-backs through which you can either tie curtains in the middle or to the sides.


Window treatments are necessary items for home remodeling that can both improve the aesthetics and usefulness of any space. You could become perplexed while choosing the window treatment due to the variety of curtain fabric, designs, and colors and patterns available. Check the fabric’s quality, density, weight, colors, and size to ensure that it meets the required criteria before buying curtains. Also, there are many different curtain hanging styles to choose from. You may either match your curtains with the surrounding decor, utilize drapes in several colors, or choose some unique heading types that can improve the appearance of your curtains to add more beauty and comfort to your room.

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