How to Buy Window Curtains on a Budget | Smart Tips and Discount Strategies

Curtains offer a timeless way to upgrade a room and give it a personalized look. With curtains, you can dress up your windows in an appealing way and can add comfort to it. A huge variety of curtains is available in the market with multiple choices of fabrics and designs. Window curtains are the best source to incorporate style, comfort, and practicality into a place for an outstanding decor statement.

When purchasing curtains, along with the style, appearance, and quality, people look for options that are available at the lowest possible rates. The price range for the window treatments varies with the type of fabric. If you are low on budget and looking for a solution to shop for drapes, you can follow the tips and strategies mentioned in this article for a cheap and cost-effective curtain purchase.

Tips To Buy Budget-friendly Curtains With No Sacrifice On Style & Quality

Although curtains are the core element for a perfectly styled room, there’s absolutely no need to go beyond one’s budget to purchase them. It’s totally possible to buy window curtains on a budget without sacrificing style. We’ve listed some of the best options of budget-friendly curtains.

1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

These curtains add a touch of elegance and give any space a luxurious look with their soft and sleek appearance. Sheer curtains can bring a soft glow, and outdoorsy feeling, and improve the aesthetics of a space.

These curtains are ideal for giving your living and sleeping areas a sense of elegance. The best thing about these transparent curtains is that they are available at low rates. You can take the decor of your existing space to another level with these curtains. For on-budget window treatments, sheers are the ideal choice.

2. Cotton Curtain Panels

Cotton Curtain Panels

Cotton curtains are another affordable window covering choice that come with a lightweight profile. These curtains come in a wide range of styles and designs to uplift the beauty of any and every space.

For homeowners looking for a versatile solution to cover their windows with no compromise on the fabric quality and functional needs, cotton is the best curtain fabric choice. The purchase of cotton curtains won’t be a burden on your wallet as they are the most affordable and durable as well.

3. Linen Curtains

Linen Curtains

Linen curtains are a good idea to settle for when it comes to an environment-friendly window dressing solution. Linen curtains come with a lot of benefits and they can make any space the best of all with their extensive choices of colors, styles, and layouts.

With traditional and modern styles, these curtains are the perfect choice for any space in your home. If you want to buy curtains on a budget, you can opt for them.

4. Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop Cloth Curtains

The painter’s canvas fabric is extremely thick and can be used to cover your windows. These drop clothes with ideal weight can be hung on your curtain rods to get the ideal coverage. You can also use the paint and stencil to embellish these drop clothes and create a design that suits the rest of the decor theme. You can hang these curtains using rings or opt for any heading style that goes well.

DIY thermal curtains are another great and cost-effective idea to adorn your windows. You can make these curtains at home with the help of batting fabric, white lining fabric, and decorative external fabric. Hanging window scarves is another best way to style windows cheaply and this does not even require sewing

5. Make Your Own Curtain Rod

Make Your Own Curtain Rod

Curtains can also be hung without a rod and you can save your bucks this way. You can make your own curtain rod by measuring the window and then cutting and painting a pipe. Along with the curtain rod, paint the hardware as well for a well-balanced look.

Additional Tips To Buy Curtains At Affordable Rates

1. Look For A Trusted Retailer

When buying curtains on a budget, you must look for a trusted retailer that is willing to give you the best quality fabric for curtains at discounted rates.

2. Look For Sale Opportunities

Many retail stores give sale offers to clients on special occasions. You can visit or shop online from these stores at the lowest rates.

3. Choose Brands Offering Discounts

If you don’t want to compromise on style and are looking to shop for your desired curtains then it’s best to look and/or wait for discounts or sales.

Choose Brands Offering Discounts

4. Visit Local Markets

One of the suitable options is to ignore the brand, try to settle for less, and visit the local market. In local shops, you can find the best quality curtains at significantly low rates.

5. Compare The Price Quote

You can look online and at stores to compare the prices of a particular window treatment product. By comparing the prices, you can easily select one on a budget


Window curtains are the basic decor element in a home that provide various functional benefits. With curtains, you can not only dress up your windows but change the overall look of your home. To shop for curtains on a budget, you can either choose cotton, sheer, or linen curtains which are the inexpensive choices to adorn windows.

For tips and strategies, you can negotiate with the retailer or ask for discounts. Visiting the local stores is another best option to buy window curtains on a budget.

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